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We discover urban potential

WeLoveTheCity works in the existing city. We see opportunities there that no one else does. By making use of them, the city becomes lively, diverse and sustainable, and we don’t need to expand into the countryside.

We create resilient concepts

WeLoveTheCity develops a unique area concept for each location. This connects the genius loci (the spirit of a place) to new solutions that are needed to make our cities liveable and resilient.

We design great places

WeLoveTheCity translates the area concept into a ‘I’ve never seen this before’ design that residents, entrepreneurs, city officials and other stakeholders can identify with and that they want to realise together.

We challenge urban doers

WeLoveTheCity mobilises entrepreneurial trendsetters who know that things must and can be done differently. We are happy to make extra room for them, because we know that they can give the area development an extra boost.

We care about affordability

WeLoveTheCity is not just for the happy few. We draw, calculate and organise until, to everyone’s surprise, we succeed in keeping the city accessible for young and old, rich and poor.

We implement our plans

WeLoveTheCity is aware of the fact: “Inbetween dream and act there are hindering laws and practical issues”. Fortunately, we have proven tools and strategies at our disposal to make the impossible possible.

We share knowledge

WeLoveTheCity shares data, ideas and knowledge with everyone who wants to make the city resilient and fair. We hope that this 21st Bildungsideal will also inspire others.

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Telephone: 0031 10 2829 475


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