Andries Geerse

Andries Geerse, Lead Urban Planner MSc/Ir. is the founder and principal of WeLoveTheCity. He started his career at the Municipalidade de São Paulo (Brazil), responsible for the slum upgrading programme in the Favela do Dique, Santa Maria and Esperança. He brought the lessons learned to Europe, where his office works in 20 big and medium-sized cities and takes participatory planning and urban regeneration to an advanced and new level. This begins with sharing data, knowledge and ideas. But it is mainly about actually implementing it. Creating a unique development perspective in which residents, entrepreneurs, governments and other stakeholders recognize themselves and that they want to realize together. His focus is on step-by-step transformation towards communities that are inclusive, diverse and resilient. For 12 years, Andries has supervised the urban development program of requirements, urban development plan and design coordination for the transformation of Amstel Station and the surrounding area in Amsterdam.

  • Director and urban planner
  • andriesgeerse@welovethecity.eu


Andries Geerse:

The city is its people. Therefore make the city together. Towards a future that is fair and resilient.