Jack Garay Arauzo

Jack Garay Arauzo is an architect and urban designer. Since 2015, he combines his professional practice with education and research. His experience includes a research internship at UCL’s Development Planning Unit, Project Manager at AYNI (Solar Decathlon 2015), and the development of housing projects, education buildings, urban infrastructure, and public space in Peru, Mexico, and Belgium. After graduating from The Berlage Post-Master in Architecture and Urban Design (TU Delft), he joined We Love The City in November 2021. His approach focuses on the role of design in the ‘collective’ realm, and the urban life in-between the architecture and urban scale. Most recently, Jack has been involved in a competition to transform a neglected German town into an productive hub by introducing new urbanity strategies such as multi-generational housing to encourage diversity, a multipurpose ‘non-fixed-use’ piece of infrastructure, and exploring sustainable strategies for its resilience and future adaptability.

  • Architect and urban designer
  • jack@welovethecity.eu


Jack Garay Arauzo:

The value of urban design finds itself in the collective realm.