Jonian Silaj

With a Master of Engineering in Architecture (DUTH) and a Master of Science in Urbanism (TU Delft), Jonian Silaj is both an architect and urban planner. In his work Jonian focuses on the architectural synergy between existing and new buildings and the associated spatial research on different scales. His Greek-Albanian background is expressed in an intercultural design language in which the urban identity and diversity of an area play an important role. This can be seen, for example, in the projects Bossche Stadsdelta in Den Bosch and Cromhoffpark in Enschede. With his designs, Jonian watches over the intended urban qualities, as can also be seen in the project Amstelstation and surroundings in Amsterdam.

  • Architect and urban designer
  • jonian@welovethecity.eu


Jonian Silaj:

I don’t know what is more important, thinkers that design or designers that think. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. We all need to work together.