Rahul Dewan

Rahul Dewan graduated with Master of Science in Urbanism at Delft University of Technology in 2017. Since then he has been working as an urban planner and researcher at WeLoveTheCity. His expertise lies in participatory planning and capacity building that is formulated in a creative coalition between citizens, government and entrepreneurs. Currently he is working on the urban challenges and neighborhood development in Enschede the Netherlands, capacity building for urban planners in Rwanda and collaborating on an affordable housing scheme with the land use department in Ghana. Prior to this he worked as a project architect in India focusing on the importance in an inclusive and participatory urban development.

  • Urban planner
  • rahul@welovethecity.eu


Rahul Dewan:

Engaging citizens and corporations in the decision-making process for urban development is challenging. However, a methodology that sets a framework of actions of co-benefit can set innovative trends.