Downtown Rotterdam

Club Cool

Rotterdam doesn’t have much space but it does need a lot of housing. That means densification. In the middle of…


Amstelstation Amsterdam

Waiting space becomes waiting place

WeLoveTheCity has untangled the maze of infrastructure around Amstel Station. Pedestrians walk across the green and car-free station square to…


Hamburg, London, Rome


WeLoveTheCity is also engaged in the development of tools for better cities. Smarticipate is a striking example of this. The…


Cultural Estates Hilversum

Serenity in the Randstad

City dwellers crave for peace, space and nature, but unfortunately it cannot cost a penny. Many estates have therefore the…


Bossche Stadsdelta 's-Hertogenbosch

Forever young

‘s-Hertogenbosch is a water city. The Bossche Stadsdelta is the place where the Dommel, Aa, Binnendieze and Zuid-Willemsvaart flow together…


Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa

Inclusive densification

Affordable housing is a universal fundamental right. But why is it still a global problem? More and more working Dutch…


Harbour Quarter Deventer

The Flemish Approach

Everyone knows: if you pass the old silos by the sluice, you are really in Deventer. Here, WeLoveTheCity introduced The…


Cromhoff and Twekkelerveld Enschede

Talent for Twente

After Amsterdam, Enschede is home to the largest and most diverse range of educational and knowledge institutions. The city is…


Paasbos Nijkerk

Co-creation voor doers

WeLoveTheCity ordered 100 empty ‘Paasboxes’. Residents of Paasbos in Nijkerk drew, taped and wrote their wishes and ideas for the…


Station Area Delft Campus

Innovative playground

Stationsgebied Delft Campus is an integral part of Schieoevers Noord and forms the missing link between Kabeldistrict, Voorhof, Tanthof and…


Watertorenpark Hengelo

A Vondelpark in miniature

It was an epic battle but it worked: Watertower Park Hengelo is complete! “Over the cycle highway F35 towards the…


Kolenkitbuurt Amsterdam

Reclaiming the street

Amsterdam West holds a special place in our hearts. It began with Mercatorplaza on the A10 West ring road. Together…


Urban Land Swap Winterswijk

The best city centre

In 1998, Andries Geerse drew up the structural plan for the historic centre of Woerden, which was proclaimed the best…


Waalsprong Nijmegen

Plant Your Flag

WeLoveTheCity believes that the energy transition will proceed more quickly if you give residents and entrepreneurs the space to implement…


The Village Arnhem

Smart & Slow

Since Dutch TV presentator Mies Bouwman’s crowd funding action in 1962, Het Dorp represents the emancipation of people with disabilities.…



Co-creation voor doers

Co-creation voor doers

WeLoveTheCity ordered 100 empty ‘Paasboxes’. Residents of Paasbos in Nijkerk drew, taped and wrote their wishes and ideas for the new heart of their neighbourhood on them. We were running out of boxes! The harvest of such an approach? The people loved getting to know each other while doing it. Moreover, they shared no fewer than 148 ideas with each other and with us. When, back in Rotterdam, we compiled these, the plan was actually quite ready and feasible too. Only the wish to have Disneyland here was a little too ambitious for us.

The heart of Paasbos revolves around an urban play park with a children’s farm, climbing forest and ‘beach on the stream’. The park will include an indoor-outdoor sports centre. We are also building 150 Pippi Longstocking homes for young and old and a local shop with a chatter’s corner.

WeLoveTheCity often receives such requests: a large and multicoloured social question that has to land on a small piece of land in the middle of a crowded neighbourhood. Thanks to the enthusiasm of residents and entrepreneurs, this almost always succeeds. Take a look at the Village Campus Oosseld, Doetinchem, the House of Droo, Duiven or Lumen, Enschede. Small projects, big impact.

Droo-Zuid derives its appeal from the distinctive mix of residents, the accessible facilities for young and old, the comfortable homes and the relaxed atmosphere.

Tjerk van Duinen Stedenbouw 10/2011 ,Creating a beautiful neighbourhood together’